What is the munchies

What is the munchies?

The munchies is a term that is commonly used to describe the intense hunger and desire for food that can be experienced after using marijuana or cannabis. The term has become popularized in recent years as more people have begun to use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, and many people report experiencing an increased appetite after using the drug.

There are a number of different factors that may contribute to the feeling of "the munchies" after using marijuana. One possible explanation is that the plant can stimulate certain areas of the brain that are involved in regulating appetite and hunger. Additionally, marijuana use may also increase the levels of certain hormones in the body that can stimulate appetite.

Despite its reputation as a mostly harmless phenomenon, the munchies can sometimes lead to unhealthy eating habits or weight gain, particularly if a person indulges in high-calorie or junk foods. However, for some people, the munchies can be a welcome side effect, especially if they have a medical condition that affects their appetite or if they are using marijuana to help alleviate symptoms of nausea or other digestive issues.

I know, who doesn’t want a delicious warm fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream ? I do ! But I also make sure to drink lots of water and keep exercising. 

Have fun and keep it healthy ! 

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